ProVida Consulting is an international development consultancy based in Reykjavik, Iceland. ProVida’s team consists of junior and senior professionals that have lived and worked in several countries in sub-Saharan Africa for a time period spanning decades.

Our team of consultants includes leading specialists in the development sector in Iceland, like university professors, medical doctors, long time employees of development agencies, environmental specialists and scholars researching, among other things, international development, poverty, gender equality and policy making.

The team shares a strong academic and professional background in the following areas: health, gender equality, childhood, resource management, human rights, environmental issues, education, urban planning, development planning, qualitative and quantitative methodologies, policy making and international development regulations and goals.

The team shares wide-ranging language skills, including fluency in French, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Bissau-Guinean Créole, Senegalese Wolof and the Nordic languages. Languages that are spoken widely in the developing world such as in Africa.